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19 June 2024

Nails: Top 5 Summer Polishes 2024

Summer Solstice is tomorrow and so I'm sharing my top summer polishes for 2024. These are the polishes from my collection I will be reaching for more often.

If you are interested you can see my summer picks for 2023 here2022 here2021 here2020 here2019 here2018 here2017 here2015 here and 2014 here.

Pucci-licious is showing up lighter below but the bottleshot is more colour accurate. It is a bright, almost neon purple cream.

Wild Fig is a bright almost neon shade, not a barbie pink but still bright.

Rinse and Repeat is a bright summer-y blue shade.

Twiggie is showing up much more bleached in the swatch below, it is a bright spring green cream.

Glowstick is again not showing up colour accurate, it is a highlighter yellow, very neon and bright cream.


6 June 2024

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Skittle

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'Skittle' a decade on from the original which you can see here.

Green Polish | Color Club - Twiggie
Pink Polish | Barry M - Wild Fig
Yellow Polish | Orly - Glowstick
Glitter Polish | KbShimmer - Scratch That
Glitter Smoother | Glisten and Glow - Glitter Grabber

2014 Version;


4 June 2024

Topic Tuesday: Spring to Summer Transition Polishes

Spring to Summer transition polishes for me would be bleached neon's, not really bright neon's which would be typically more summer but not as muted as Spring colours.


5 June 2023

Nail Art: Pride 2023

Below are my Pride Month nails for 2023, I did some in 2022 here2021 here and 2019 here.

Red Polish | Ciate - Mistress
Orange Polish | Barry M - Satsuma
Green Polish | Color Club - Twiggie
Lilac Polish | Rimmel - Lovey Dovey
Indigo Polish | Barry M - Indigo

Dotting Tool


17 March 2023

Nail Art: St. Patrick's Day 2023

In previous years I've done St. Patrick's Day nails which you can see from 2021 here2020 here2018 here and here2016 here2015 here2014 here2013 here2012 here, and finally 2011 here.

White Accent Polish | Nails Inc - Pudding Lane
Gold Accent Polish | Models Own - Gold Rush
Light Green Accent Polish | Color Club Twiggie
Dark Green Accent Polish | Barry M - Rock Pool
Green Holo Accent Polish | A England - Proserpine

Dotting Tool


19 May 2021

Nail Art: Stamped Green Gemstone

Dark Blue Polish | Cuccio - Lauren BluCal
Light Blue Polish | Barry M -  Sky Blue
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002
Stamping Plate | Mundo de Unas - Esoteric 1