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29 April 2016

16 November 2014

SIMPLES: Skittle with Dots

The Crumpet has a challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master.

So week 13 is here and we have to come up with a skittle base with dots over the top of it. Here is my example;


Thumb: Leighton Denny - Pillow Talk
Index: Ciate - Dangerous Affair
Middle: ELF - Medium Red
Ring: ELF - Dark Red
Little: Leighton Denny - Vamp

Dot Polish: La  Femme - Pink Ice 142

Dotting Tools

14 April 2014

Nails: Red Sticks n' Stones

It's been far to long since I last used Sticks n' Stones.


ELF - Medium Red
Ninja Polish - Sticks n' Stones

20 March 2014

GOT Nail Challenge: Ruffle

Today is a ruffle manicure, I haven't actually tried doing a ruffle set of nails before. Not too bad for a first attempt but the lines aren't exactly straight. The polishes used are older again:

ELF - Fluorescent Pink - August 2010
ELF - Punk Purple - October 2010
ELF - Medium Red - February 2012


Polishes Used
ELF - Fluorescent Pink
ELF - Punk Purple
ELF - Medium Red

Dotting Tools

25 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Reds

Another day, another battle! This time it is red polishes.

 Eyeko - Saucy, ELF - Light Red, Miss Sporty - 160, ELF - Medium Red, ELF - Cranberry, Barry M - Raspberry, Kleancolor - Metallic Red, ELF - Red Velvet, Sleek - Royalty  ELF - Dark Red, OPI - Sanguine, No.7 - Damson Dreams,  Eyeko - Vampira, OPI - William Tell Me About OPI

First off the top four are such a wide range of shades, which will make the next battle really difficult! ELF - Light Red is a prime colour, so simple. Barry M - Raspberry is a really lovely colour difficult to know where to place it red or a pink?

Barry M Raspberry and Eyeko Vampira made it through the round. Vampira is a very blackened red with red glitter throughout the polish.

I could have easily brought both in to the final but alas Eyeko Vampira made it on its own, purely because its a blackened polish and I have a leaning towards darker shades.