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11 July 2023

Topic Tuesday: 5 Polishes You'd Take on Holiday

I think something simple, like a cream polish with a glitter over the top as they seem to be a lot more hard wearing. If it began to chip then I could use more of the glitter as a gradient.


Black and White glitter - Ninja Polish - Stick's n Stones


Holographic Glitter - Barry M - Hologram
Chunky Purple Glitter - Avon - Fuchsia Dazzle

Rose Gold Chunky Glitter - OPI Born to Sparkle


20 February 2015

Swatch: Ninja (Cover Band) - Sticks and Stones

Ninja Polish (Coverband) have created a polish with black and white large, small, and tiny hex glitter. Along with pieces of longer black and white glitter in a clear base.

One coat shown over ELF Medium Red

Two coats shown over Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction

Shown between Color Club - Mrs Robinson

14 April 2014

Nails: Red Sticks n' Stones

It's been far to long since I last used Sticks n' Stones.


ELF - Medium Red
Ninja Polish - Sticks n' Stones

4 January 2013

Nail Polish: Battle of the Alternative Glitters

This category is mainly Indie Polishes with a couple of other glitters thrown in for good measure.
 Coverband - Sticks and Stones, W7 - Salt n' Pepper, W7 - Mosaic, A England - Lady of the Lake, A England - Tristam, A England - St George, A England - Bridal Veil, Hare - Midsummer's Midnight, Kleancolor - Blue Satin, Orly - Sunglasses at Night

Getting these polishes down to only three was quite difficult. In the end I settled on Coverbands Sticks and Stones as it is different and works over any base colour. I adore Midsummer's Midnight but only really works over a darker base.


The winner of this battle is A England's Lady of the Lake, because well it is purple and looks stunning in all of its holographic glory twinkling in the sunlight.