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30 June 2015

Nails: Crushed Floam

I hoped that the Girly Floam base would have shown up better, but it doesn't seem to contrast enough with the Crushed Grape. So I stuck on some rhinestones to try and make the accent stand out more.


Ninja Polish - Girly Floam
Leighton Denny - Crushed Grape

3mm Rhinestones
Striping Tape

20 February 2015

Swatch: Ninja (Cover Band) - Sticks and Stones

Ninja Polish (Coverband) have created a polish with black and white large, small, and tiny hex glitter. Along with pieces of longer black and white glitter in a clear base.

One coat shown over ELF Medium Red

Two coats shown over Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction

Shown between Color Club - Mrs Robinson

14 April 2014

Nails: Red Sticks n' Stones

It's been far to long since I last used Sticks n' Stones.


ELF - Medium Red
Ninja Polish - Sticks n' Stones

14 December 2013

Nail Polish: Battle of Indie Polishes

Last year I didn't have a separate battle for the indie polishes, instead they were in with the holographic's or alternative glitters. I don't have the biggest collection on indie polishes, but these are the ones I have acquired this past year.

KPT - Color Therapy | Ninja - Girly Floam | Hare - Why So Igneous? | A England - Ascalon | A England - Sleeping Palace | A England  - Ophelia | A England - Jane Eyre

And the winner is:
Very difficult to chose here, as much as I really like Ophelia and Jane Eyre in general they look black on the nails, which I do like. However Sleeping Palace is going to win this battle because it is a charcoal lilac holographic which is visibly holographic even in standard lighting.

24 February 2013

Swatch: Ninja Polish - Girly Floam

Floam polish was originally concocted by Nail Venturous and was a green and yellow matte glitter. Since then there has been an agreement where Ninja Polish makes the floam. Since the original was a complete hit there has been around ten different and new versions.

This is Girly Floam, which is matte glitter in a clear base polish. The glitter is a light is a light pink and a mid lilac. Below is four coats of the glitter, and at that point it was getting a little thick.

No top coat, four coats of Girly Floam;


With topcoat;


10 December 2012

Swatch: Ninja Polish - No Peeking

This is a glitter polish from Ninja Polish, as you can see the glitter is suspended in a clear polish base, there is star shaped holo glitter shapes, red, green and silver hex glitter and small green glitter.

Ninja Polish is 4 free and this one has 15ml inside the bottle. Brush is a standard one, nothing special to note about it.

Base polish below is: Rimmel - Camouflage 830, a mid green.