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11 July 2023

Topic Tuesday: 5 Polishes You'd Take on Holiday

I think something simple, like a cream polish with a glitter over the top as they seem to be a lot more hard wearing. If it began to chip then I could use more of the glitter as a gradient.


Black and White glitter - Ninja Polish - Stick's n Stones


Holographic Glitter - Barry M - Hologram
Chunky Purple Glitter - Avon - Fuchsia Dazzle

Rose Gold Chunky Glitter - OPI Born to Sparkle


19 July 2018

Swatch: Nails Inc - St John's Way


Colour: White and Peach
Finish: Glitter; Hex, Micro and Shards
Opacity: One Coat Shown
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 14ml


26 June 2017

Nails: Top 5 Summer Polishes 2017

Seeing as this past week it was the Summer Solstice I thought I should share my top summer polishes for 2017. If you are interested you can see my summer picks for 2015 here and 2014 here.

Claire's - Dizzy // A England - Whispering Waves // Barry M - Papaya // Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking // Nails Inc - St John's Way

Claire's - Dizzy // A England - Whispering Waves // Barry M - Papaya // Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking // Nails Inc - St John's Way

Claire's - Dizzy;

Summer calls for neons and glitter, this polish ticks all the boxes.

A England - Whispering Waves;

Holographic polishes are stunning year round, however in direct sunlight they really come in to their own. This is a beautiful turquoise.

Barry M - Papaya;

Orange is a typical summer choice, this is less in your face than a neon but still summer appropriate.

Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking;

As I said with the A England, holographic polishes look great in sunlight. This is a stunning purple packed with holographic particles.

Nails Inc - St John's Way;

This glitter is pastel so much less in your face than the one from Claire's. It has small white hexes, shards, and string glitter as well as very fine peach glitter in a clear base.

24 June 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Coral + White

My prompt today along with coral and white was to do a gradient. I also added some summer glitter because it looked a little boring on its own.

Base Polishes:
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Leighton Denny - Just Perfect
Glitter Polish: Nails Inc - St. John's Way