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9 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Purple and Green

Purple and green polishes are today's 'battle'.  There are 12 in this section which made whittling them down more tricky.

Barry M - Fondant // Barry M - Dark Side of the Shroom // Barry M - Slip Stream // Barry M - Oasis // Barry M - Kiwi // A England - Whispering Waves // A England - Love is Enough // Barry M - Watermelon // Danglefoot Polish - In the Library with a Nail File // Barry M - Purple Hex // A England - In Robe and Crown // Barry M - Cocoa

So the three I chose were;

Barry M - Oasis // Danglefoot Polish - In The Library with a Nail File // A England - In Robe and Crown

Oasis is a dusty purple cremé polish, a very basic polish but a staple.

In The Library with a Nail File, this was the last edition to my polish collection in 2017. It is a duochrome, shifting from purple to green, with a couple of flakies thrown in there for good measure. As it is a duochrome is it hard to photograph that shift.

Can you believe these two are the same polish!?

As beautiful as the previous two polishes are, In Robe and Crown won the round. Holographic nail polishes are my favourite finishes, this one is a deep purple, verging on aubergine. Stunning!

26 June 2017

Nails: Top 5 Summer Polishes 2017

Seeing as this past week it was the Summer Solstice I thought I should share my top summer polishes for 2017. If you are interested you can see my summer picks for 2015 here and 2014 here.

Claire's - Dizzy // A England - Whispering Waves // Barry M - Papaya // Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking // Nails Inc - St John's Way

Claire's - Dizzy // A England - Whispering Waves // Barry M - Papaya // Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking // Nails Inc - St John's Way

Claire's - Dizzy;

Summer calls for neons and glitter, this polish ticks all the boxes.

A England - Whispering Waves;

Holographic polishes are stunning year round, however in direct sunlight they really come in to their own. This is a beautiful turquoise.

Barry M - Papaya;

Orange is a typical summer choice, this is less in your face than a neon but still summer appropriate.

Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking;

As I said with the A England, holographic polishes look great in sunlight. This is a stunning purple packed with holographic particles.

Nails Inc - St John's Way;

This glitter is pastel so much less in your face than the one from Claire's. It has small white hexes, shards, and string glitter as well as very fine peach glitter in a clear base.

20 June 2017

Nails: English Summer Rain Seems to Last For Ages

Always stays the same, nothing ever changes, 
English summer rain seems to last for ages. 
Always stays the same, nothing ever changes, 
English summer rain seems to last for ages. 
Placebo - English Summer Rain

Base Polishes:
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plates: Cheeky 36, Born Pretty Store 13

20 April 2017

Swatch: A England - Whispering Waves (Heavenly Quotes)


Colour: Turquoise, Slight Purple Shift
Finish: Holographic Duochrome
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 11ml

Comments? This stains fingers and cuticles very easily on removal.

21 December 2016

Then and Now Throwback Nails: Festive Sweaters

I haven't done a then and now nail post in a while now but I thought I would try recreating some nails I did back in 2013. I changed up the colour scheme and in the past three years my nails have certainly grown and changed in shape!

2013 v 2016

Back in 2013 I did these nails in a red theme, my nails are clearly too short for the XL stamping plate. Also my stamping on my thumb is exceptionally wonky.

Now I recreated them in a turquoise colour, my nails are the right length for the XL plate. My stamping also seems to be less wonky, although there is a slight bit I messed up but I don't think it is all that noticeable. That and my fingers are ageing too!

Base Polishes: 
A England - Whispering Waves
Stamping Polish: A England - Whispering Waves