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24 June 2021

Review: Maybelline - Dr. Rescue Peel Off Base Coat

I bought this in 2017 tried it once and it spent the next four years gathering dust.

When I first used this I didn't like it, it didn't help my polish pop off. But if I hold a cotton ball soaked with polish remover on the nail it helps to loosen the polish at the base of the nail and then I can peel off the glitter polish.

There is no scrubbing for hours to remove glitter and actually this base coat not popping off it can be a good thing if you want to wear your polish for a few days.

The neck on this polish is quite long which makes it harder to use, the above photo should show that. Especially difficult the further down the bottle you get.

Maybelline is a mainstream brand and as such is easier to purchase than something from an indie brand.

I still prefer UNT, however this isn't awful and I have almost finished using this bottle.


2 February 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Base and Top Coats

I don't often use a base coat but if I do it is a peel off one from Unt.

As for top coats I really like the Glisten and Glow Quick Dry one, it is glossy and most importantly dries very quickly and doesn't smudge nail art.


18 December 2020

Nails: 3D Snowflake and Knitted Pattern

First attempt at 3D nail designs.

Nail Art 3D Snowflake and Knitted Pattern

Peel Off Base Coat | UNT - Ready for Take Off
White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow
White Glitter Polish | Ciate - Halo 089
3D Gel | Born Pretty Store 3d Painting Gel - After the Snow


13 November 2018

Swatch: Born Pretty Store - Sweet Bubble Series - About Rose (Peel Off)*


Colour | Warm Lilac
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat
How Much | 6ml
Anything Else | Polish does peel off

Polish is branded Born Pretty Store and is currently $3.99.

I have a 10% off discount code if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store - $3.99


25 April 2018

Review: UNT - Ready For Takeoff Base Coat


I don't know about you but glitter is the bane of my life, well when it comes to nail polish. Yes you can use the acetone tinfoil method but that is a bit of an effort. I have dabbled in to using PVA glue / Elmer's glue as a base and while that does work is isn't an ideal base coat, it takes a very long time to dry and leaves a lumpy finish.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend some birthday money on an actual peel off base coat, I opted for this UNT version after watching a Nailogical video comparing various ones.

The bottle itself has 15ml of product and is waterbased.

It applies very thinly and dries quickly, which made the fact that it works surprising.

The peel off base coat really did work, I found it applied an dries quickly and I was sceptical of it working however it peeled off the glitter really quickly, easily and mostly in one piece.

Overall I really liked this peel off base, it is non damaging and doesn't peel off too easily but it does when you want it to, using an orange stick.

I think the best thing about this is that it has given me to chance to use over 100 glitter nail polishes I already had in my collection. Yes I wore them before but reluctantly and rarely. Now I can wear any of them for even one day. Before if I wore one I had to think whether I wanted to wear it for a week or so because of the effort in removing.

Rainbow Connection

2 October 2017

Halloween Nails: Pentagrams


Base Polish: MoYou - Peel Off Polish - Rock 'n' Roll
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - White
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Gothic Collection 01

Dotting Tools

14 December 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Latex Odour Free Liquid Palisade Peel Off Barrier # 36614*

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Odour-Free-Liquid-Tape-Liquid-Palisade-Nail-Art-Latex-Barrier Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Odour-Free-Liquid-Tape-Liquid-Palisade-Nail-Art-Latex-Barrier

This is a 10ml bottle of liquid peel off latex barrier for nail art. It is to protect the cuticle and finger from more messy nail art so that the clean up isn't so laborious and time consuming using a brush dipped in acetone. This dries quickly and peels off easily, very simple to use. I have reviewed the standard peel off barrier from Born Pretty Store and that one does have a strong smell to it, this one is completely scent free.


It comes in a box in a nail polish style bottle with a normal brush type applicator. The square lid lifts off to reveal a normal rounded polish bottle handle. I used this to paint the area around my nail. This goes on a lighter pink colour as seen on my ring and pinkie fingers and dries to a darker peach colour as seen on the rest of my fingers.

I will show how I used it below, in some seasonal snowflake nail art.

Base: A England - Natasha's Dance / War and Peace

Once dried on all nails it was time to stamp;


Then to peel off the barrier;


These are the nails after removing the barrier, there was still some clean up to do but not as much as there would have been had I not have used it;


And finally the nails with clean up done;


I like to use a barrier when I am stamping a larger imagine on to my nails, or when doing something which will need a heavy duty clean up such  as a sponged gradient or a water marble. The fact that this version is scent free is a bonus.

I have a discount code if you would like to use it;

You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

Born Pretty Store