10 December 2012

Swatch: Ciaté - Mini Mani Month Day 14 - Halo


Behind door 14 is a little Halo bottle of polish. This is what I had been hoping for when I peeled back a door the other day only to be disappointed by a pearlescent polish. Halo is a special topcoat polish, changing whatever polish you are wearing underneath.


Message of the day is of self confidence, and which I wouldn't describe wearing polish as giving me self confidence I can see where the quote is coming from. I do my nails for me because I can see them, where as I do my make up and hair for other people. Don't want to see how awful my hair / face looks? Don't look in the mirror, but nails very hard to avoid seeing those!

I used NYC West Village 204B as the base, left the thumb without the Halo as a bit of a comparison  In the photos it makes the blue lighter and more metallic duochrome looking, in the indoor dark of the British winter it looks a lot more purple with a duochrome shift than the blue. Very much a petrol on water effect.


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