2 February 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Base and Top Coats

I don't often use a base coat but if I do it is a peel off one from Unt.

As for top coats I really like the Glisten and Glow Quick Dry one, it is glossy and most importantly dries very quickly and doesn't smudge nail art.



  1. I always use a base coat. The one from Poundland is super Make Up Gallery Ridge Filler Base Coat. Probably been using it for 4 years or more? I think it is as good as the high ends one I have tried before: a-England and Butter London namely. Hmmm rarely wear a top coat but if I do, it is always China Glaze Fast Forward - it kinda smells like sherbert too.

    1. I've not tried either of those base coats, the Poundland one being good is great more money for polishes ;)


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