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27 October 2021

Halloween Nails: Purple Green Split

Green Polish | Orly - Plastic Jungle
Purple Polish | Barry M - Parma Violet
Shard Glitter Polish | Emily de Molly - Deadly Secret

Glisten and Glow - Glitter Grabber
Glisten and Glow - Quick Dry Top Coat


24 June 2021

Review: Maybelline - Dr. Rescue Peel Off Base Coat

I bought this in 2017 tried it once and it spent the next four years gathering dust.

When I first used this I didn't like it, it didn't help my polish pop off. But if I hold a cotton ball soaked with polish remover on the nail it helps to loosen the polish at the base of the nail and then I can peel off the glitter polish.

There is no scrubbing for hours to remove glitter and actually this base coat not popping off it can be a good thing if you want to wear your polish for a few days.

The neck on this polish is quite long which makes it harder to use, the above photo should show that. Especially difficult the further down the bottle you get.

Maybelline is a mainstream brand and as such is easier to purchase than something from an indie brand.

I still prefer UNT, however this isn't awful and I have almost finished using this bottle.