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21 December 2016

Then and Now Throwback Nails: Festive Sweaters

I haven't done a then and now nail post in a while now but I thought I would try recreating some nails I did back in 2013. I changed up the colour scheme and in the past three years my nails have certainly grown and changed in shape!

2013 v 2016

Back in 2013 I did these nails in a red theme, my nails are clearly too short for the XL stamping plate. Also my stamping on my thumb is exceptionally wonky.

Now I recreated them in a turquoise colour, my nails are the right length for the XL plate. My stamping also seems to be less wonky, although there is a slight bit I messed up but I don't think it is all that noticeable. That and my fingers are ageing too!

Base Polishes: 
A England - Whispering Waves
Stamping Polish: A England - Whispering Waves

23 December 2014

Nails: Festive Sweater Snowflakes


Base Polishes: Essence - Black is Back, Jacava - Vanilla Slice
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Festive Collection 04
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black

6 December 2014

Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Christmas Collection 04 XL


This is a stamping plate from MoYou London, this particular one is an XL plate making it perfect for people with longer or wider nails. Images are 1.5cm x 2cm. The plate itself comes backed with a piece of white plastic meaning it is great for those who are clumsy. It does mean there is more of a clean up though.

It has 12 images on the plate itself. As you can see all of the images stamped relatively well, the wonky images are as I was using a squishy stamper as it is the largest stamper I have and these images are quite large. The mesh image was the one I had the most problems transferring.


I quite like a lot of these images, my only issue is the images are a little too wide for my nails. When I have short nails they are too long for them as well. MoYou London also do none XL image plates which are smaller.



Stamping Plate available from MoYou London.


20 December 2013

Nails: Festive Sweaters

Hope you aren't all sick of these festive sweater style nails! I think that Be My Berry is the perfect Christmas red, it is a metallic finish so it adds a little special twist on the traditional cremé red finish.


Red Polish: Leighton Denny - Be My Berry
White Polish: Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Stamping Plate: MoYou - Festive Collection 04
Stamping Polish: Eyeko - Saucy

9 December 2013

Nails: Monkey See, Monkey Do - Winter Sweater Nails

I saw these nails by The Nailasaurus and I really liked them, while I didn't have a little deer to stick on I just improvised with a stamped deer.


Forefinger: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels - 115
Middle Finger: Essie - Leading Lady, Stargazer - Silver Chrome, Bundle Monster 214
Ring Finger: Essie - Leading Lady, Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, MoYou Festive Collection 04
Little Finger: Yes Love - K036, W7 - Green Dazzle
Thumb: Essie - Leading Lady, Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, MoYou Festive Collection 04