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15 June 2023

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Inspired by a Video Game - Animal Crossing

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'inspired by a video game' a decade on from the original which you can see here. Originally I did Sonic the Hedgehog, today is Animal Crossing.

Grass Nails
Base Polish | Orly - Plastic Jungle
Lime Green Polish | Barry M - Fizzy Apple

Fossil Nail
White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow

Tom Nook Nail
Light Brown Polish | OPI - Espresso Your Inner Self
Dark Brown Polish | Barry M - Cocoa
White PolishOPI - Alpine Snow
Black Polish | Orly - Liquid Vinyl

Nook Inc Aloha Shirt Nail
Stamping Polish | MoYou - Persian Turquoise

Cosmic Auria Topcoat
Dotting Tools
00 Nail Art Brush

2013 Version;


18 May 2023

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Nature

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'inspired by nature' a decade on from the original which you can see here.

Base Polish | Barry M - Cactus
Brown Stamping Polish | Barry M - Cocoa
White Stamping Polish | MoYou - White Stamping Polish
Stamping Plate | Harunouta L071

2013 Version;


23 September 2021

Nail Art: Autumn Leaves

These looked better in real life, the photo doesn't pick up the two different colour leaves.

Thumb | Barry M - Cocoa
Index Finger | Barry M - Red Sea
Ring Finger | Barry M - Butterscotch
Little Finger | Barry M - Mustard
Orange and Red Leaves | Charlie's Nail Art


25 March 2021

Then and Now Throwback Nails: South Park

As today is a Thursday I am throwing back to some nails I did in 2010, and recreating them now 11 years later to see if I have improved! While I don't own all the exact polishes used originally, I have used similar colours.

000 Paint Brush
Dotting Tools
Rainbow Collection Silicone Mat

I think I have improved somewhat, but plenty of room for improvement. People, even cartoon ones are so hard to freehand!


17 September 2019

Nails: Spider Gel Trees

Holographic Polish Barry M - Sunburst
Nude Polish | Avon - Street Beige
Brown Stamped Polish | Barry M - Cocoa
Green Stamped Polish | MoYou - Stamping Polish - Forest Green
Spider Gel | Nicole Diary Spider Gel
Holographic Stamped Polish | Barry M - Sunburst
Stamping Plate | Harunouta - L071


30 July 2019

Nails: Floral Trees

Holographic Polish | Barry M - Sunburst
Nude Polish | Avon - Street Beige
Brown Stamped Polish | Barry M - Cocoa
Green Stamped Polish | MoYou - Stamping Polish - Forest Green
Holographic Stamped PolishBarry M - Sunburst
Stamping Plate | Harunouta - L071


9 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Purple and Green

Purple and green polishes are today's 'battle'.  There are 12 in this section which made whittling them down more tricky.

Barry M - Fondant // Barry M - Dark Side of the Shroom // Barry M - Slip Stream // Barry M - Oasis // Barry M - Kiwi // A England - Whispering Waves // A England - Love is Enough // Barry M - Watermelon // Danglefoot Polish - In the Library with a Nail File // Barry M - Purple Hex // A England - In Robe and Crown // Barry M - Cocoa

So the three I chose were;

Barry M - Oasis // Danglefoot Polish - In The Library with a Nail File // A England - In Robe and Crown

Oasis is a dusty purple cremé polish, a very basic polish but a staple.

In The Library with a Nail File, this was the last edition to my polish collection in 2017. It is a duochrome, shifting from purple to green, with a couple of flakies thrown in there for good measure. As it is a duochrome is it hard to photograph that shift.

Can you believe these two are the same polish!?

As beautiful as the previous two polishes are, In Robe and Crown won the round. Holographic nail polishes are my favourite finishes, this one is a deep purple, verging on aubergine. Stunning!