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25 September 2014

GOT: Brown

Because the 'petals' were an iridescent polish they didn't show up too well with a holographic topcoat on top. Today's Golden Oldie Thursday challenge is the last one, the brown polish I used was ELF's Chocolate which I originally got around June 2010, although I have repurchased it since then.


ELF - Chocolate
Leighton Denny - Be Unique
Avon - Street Beige
Jessica - Holographic Top Coat

Dotting Tools

11 September 2014

GOT: Ignored

Magnetic polishes were a trend that didn't stay around for too long, I keep forgetting I have these as they live with my glitter polishes and I prefer cream ones. For this I used Barry M's Magnetic Burgundy from July 2012 and MUA's Leicester Square from May 2013.


Barry M - Magnetic Burgundy
MUA - Leicester Square

4 September 2014

GOT: Indie

I always seem to forget that A England is an indie brand, the polishes, packaging and service are all up there with shop bought polishes.


Base Polish: Nails Inc - Bow Street
Dot Polish: A England - Sleeping Palace

Dotting Tools
Unicorn Charm

28 August 2014

21 August 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday: Black Base

As the saying goes, 'every cloud has a silver lining' and these black cloud nails have a silver lining in the form of A England's Encore Margot.


A England - Bridal Veil
A England - Encore Margot

17 August 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday: Round Up #2

April 3rd - Pastel
[details here]

April 10th - Coral
[details here]

April 17th - Hot Pink
[details here]

April 24th - Something Tropical
[details here]

May 1st - Flowers
[details here]

May 8th - Neon
[details here]

May 15th - Texture

[details here]

May 22nd - With Bling
[details here]

May 29th - Lilac
[details here]

June 5th - Silver Accent
[details here]

June 12th - Red
[details here]

June 19th - Free Choice
[details here]

June 26th - Gradient
[details here]