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6 October 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Toppers for Autumn

Autumn calls for flakies, and flakies that are matte. Fancy Gloss Magma is a nice autumnal one, has all of the colours leaves go in autumn. Nail Pop Sequin is another orange based flakie, similar to Magma but without so many colours leans more to the green side of the spectrum.



4 February 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Flakies

I don't have many flakie polishes, around four or five. Couldn't decide between the following two;


Look Beauty Nail Pop
L: Pearl Effect R: Sequin Effect


5 May 2015

Nails: Mattified Flakies

I find using a matte topcoat over flakies really makes them pop and look magical.


Polishes Used:
High Maintenance - Black 85
Look Beauty Nail Pop - Pearl Effect 20
George - Matte Top Coat

21 September 2014

Sunday Stamping: Single Image

I used the base from Thursday's post for these and just added acorn stamps. Not sure I like this but it is a single image as the challenge called for.


Base Polishes:
ELF - Golden Goddess

Stamping Polish: ELF - Chocolate
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster H12

27 September 2013

1 August 2013

Swatch: Look Beauty Nail Pop - Pearl Effect 20

This is the second of the two Look Beauty Nail Pop's which I currently own, there are a couple of others I like the look of but for now I own this Pearl Effect top coat which is a blue flakie. Along with Sequin Effect which is a orange / green duochrome flakie topcoat. Again I have swatched this over a black cremé polish.

This is very similar if not a dupe for Maybelline Cosmic Flash and Claire's Iridescent.


I think it looks quite nice with a matte topcoat.
W7 - Black
George @Asda - Matt Topcoat