5 January 2013

Battle of Nail Polish 2012: Top Three!

So we've had all of the battles and now it is time to whittle the best of each round down to the top three nail polishes of 2012!

3) Eyeko - Vampira ~ This is another blackened polish, this time it is a deep dark red glitter. It is quite delicate which is odd coming from such a dark polish. Unfortunately since Eyeko's revamp they have stopped doing nail polish, although I think China Glaze does a similar polish, that is called Lubu Heels.

2) A England - Lady of the Lake ~ Quite surprised that this was the only holographic polish making it in to the top three polishes. This is a dusky purple polish with a really beautiful holograph running through it. Admittedly living in the north of England limits the amount of day light I have and that means less sunlight which makes the polish 70% as amazing as it always is in direct sunlight.

1) Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia  ~ I adore this polish, wore it for my wedding and it is after all a blackened purple. Lot's of depth to the polish, chunky hex shaped glitter too. What more could I want from a polish.



  1. For the Eyeko Vampira CG 'dupe' - It's Lubu Heels =)

    I've been loving your "Battle of the Polishes" posts - I found myself looking forward to them!

    1. Ooh thank you I will edit that in. Glad you liked battle of the polishes, I wasn't sure if anyone did as i wasn't getting feedback :)

  2. Shelby wasn't the only one, I found myself waiting for the next one and next one and.... Awesome job and I like that it wasn't the same as all the "other" bloggers. I'd read them all and try to guess which one I thought would b ur favourite before I'd scroll down. I did pretty good so I must b getting to know u! Look forward to more fun this year with u. :-)


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