5 August 2011

Swatch: Eyeko - Vampira Polish

Eyeko say ~ Eyeko Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails. Dare to wear this lust-worthy glossy black lacquer dripping with blood red shimmer.

I say ~ Well I like the name, Vampira has a nice little ring to it. The polish wasnt bad to apply, it did take two coats though to get a nice coverage though. One coat wasn't quite opaque enough.

coat two

Now this is more like it, its a lot deeper and more enchanting I think.

But it did leave a gritty texture across the top of the nail which I didnt like, not as bad as the Eyeko Comic Polish but still bad enough for me to have to apply a top coat

which actually really annoyed me because it ended up leaving lots of unsightly bubbles on my pinky and ring finger

It was difficult to capture the look of the nail polish with it being darker and a glitter, but I did finally get a good acurate picture. Have to say I really like this colour, I am not one for glitter generally but this is very wearable and subtle

Think it is quite similar to Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle but a lot cheaper as that is $18!

As you would expect its a pain to remove what with it being a glitter polish but it is a really lovely blackend colour which I am a fan of! I'm yet to find a cheaper one similar, although I still think £5 for 8ml of polish is overpriced.


£5 - 8ml

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