19 June 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Marshmallow Confetti

I recently won a Barry M Competition and received a couple of polishes from the Summer 2013 range, this means I can share some swatches of them with you.

The first one is Marshmallow, a Confetti Effect. This is a bar glitter polish in a clear base which makes it a topper polish. The bar glitter is all light pink which is slightly pearlescent. I found that the glitter bars went very easily on to the nails, no need for dabbing or any other fancy technique. The finish is slightly bumpy, which you expect from a glitter but this is easily remedied with a topcoat.

One coat over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream

I think this looks nice over a complimentary colour such as the Berry Ice Cream, however I think it would look equally as stunning over a black as the colour of the bar glitter would pop. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.


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