4 June 2013

Stamping Plate: QA52

This stamping plate is pretty much Psy of Gangnam Style and Korean pop sensation. I thought it made for a comical bit of stamping personally.

Base Polish: Barry M - Matt White
Glitter Polish: Kleancolor - Kiss Goodnight 171
Stamping Polish: W7 - Black
Stamping Plate: QA52 and Cheeky 031

The stamping plate itself came with a protective peel off sticker on both sides of the plate.


The images stamped relatively well, and even on the deeper images you don't need to use any difficult techniques. As you can see below the images stamped well, the only concern I have is with the whole body Psy, and Psy with arms crossed his face seems to look odd.

I particularly like the Edvard Much - Scream inspired image. I like the original painting as a piece of art, this looks as if it is more relating to the movie franchise 'Scream' which was inspired by the original painting.

Ciaté - Vintage 18
Ciaté - Fade to Greige 71

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