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26 September 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Contrasting

Blue and yellow are contrasting colours, very hard to make work really!


Max Factor - Blue Odyssey
Collection 2000 - Sherbet Lemon

19 September 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Complementing

I think pink and purple are complementing.


Base Polish: Moyra - Gravity 255
Stamping Polish: 17 - Lilac Magnetic
Stamping Plate: Konad M70

29 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Black and White

This week is black and white week, I used some nail stickers in the lightning shape to create an accent.


Essence - Black is Back
Barry M - Matt White

8 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Blue


Base Polishes
Maybelline Colorshow - Cool Blue
La Femme - Skyblue Cream

Floral Polishes
ELF - Green Machine
Rimmel - Camouflage
La Femme - Figg
La Femme - Pink Cream

Sharpie - Fine - Black

1 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Green

For today's green challenge I decided to use OPI's Live and Let Die and Rimmel's Camouflage. I think the technique I used is called cloud nails.

Rimmel - Camouflage

16 July 2014

Colour Me Crazy! Orange - BK - 20

A very summer appropriate nail polish! It is quite sheer, below is it swatched over a white base which really has helped it to pop. This is a jelly polish which would be great to put glitter in between layers or even stamp in between.


Colour: Neon Orange
Finish: Jelly / Sheer
Opacity: Four Coats over white shown
Brush Type: Standard if a little small
How Much? 7ml
Anything Else? Quite a potent smell