5 September 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Neon - Big Brother 2014 Nails

Usually I wear the same thing on both hands so don't share both hands. These are the nails I wore for the Big Brother UK 2014 finale.  For both hands I did a base of Sinful Colors Verbena and used Yes Love L011 over the top and used 'The Bag Dab' method to create a marbled look. I stamped the BB using Bundle Monsters 426, letter E which I changed to a B.


This years Big Brother there wasn't an eye to push to get in to the diary room there was a hand pressure pad so I stamped a hand on each thumb using MoYou Nails 72. The circular swirl is to represent the centre of the Big Brother eye logo which I used from BM418. Finally the rectangle shapes, BM320, are to represent the fact BB is a television series.


Base Polishes: Sinful Colors - VerbenaYes Love - L011 (Smurf Blue)
Stamping Polish: MoYou Nails - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plates: BM320, BM418, BM426, MoYou Nails 72



  1. I don't watch Big Brother every time it is on, but every now and again I watch a random episode with my sister (who does follow the show.) Love the blue colour underneath. And the hand print looks so awesome <3



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