16 September 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge: Teal, Grey and Lilac #3

This challenge has been going on for well over a year now, and all good things come to an end and this is the last month. The idea is there are three colours pre-picked and you find those three colours in your stash and use them in some kind of nail art. For the grey I used Sally Hansen's Dorian Grey, the Teal is ELF's Teal Blue and the Lilac is MUA's Frozen Yoghurt.

I need to practice using my striping brush and these are the result of that. Still need more practice but am improving.


MUA - Frozen Yoghurt

Striping Brush



  1. Oh yes, this challenge has been going on for a while! It's a shame this is ending, but I have enjoyed seeing your posts about it coming up. Loving the stripes <3 I have done a similar design to this before, and it's something simple and fun.


    1. This particular challenge has came to an end but there is another one to replace it so I will still be doing plenty of nail art :)


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