13 September 2014

Review: Rectangle Stamper and Scraper - BornPrettyStore


This set comes with a stamper and a scraper, the scraper has a metal edge for scraping the excess polish off the plate. I really don't like using the metal ones as they can scratch the surface of my plates. I much prefer using an old store card, this isn't a reflection on this scraper but personal preference.

The stamping head is quite firm and is rectangle in shape which is quite useful for stamping a longer design or if you have longer nails. It is 25mm long and 16mm wide.

The stamping head being a light green colour is more useful than I expected, you can stamp with a white colour and you can see it on the stamper head which really helps for alignment of the images. Usually I have problems stamping with white as the head on my usual XXL stamper is white.


I have been really enjoying using this stamper for making full nail decals, it really lends itself to doing that because it is rectangle the same way my nails are. Some of the rounded stamping heads can make making full decals difficult. I will be doing a tutorial on how I do this soon, this stamper is also good for using as a traditional stamper too.


Overall I really like the rectangular shape of this as well as the colour, it helps when stamping light colours as well as dark ones. They are from BornPrettyStore, you can see some of there new products here and what is most popular here.

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  1. I was eying up this on the website - I might just have to take the plunge!

    1. It's not expensive and the shape is different which is good. The stamp head is quite firm though which makes it a little trickier to work with.


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