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24 January 2023

Topic Tuesday: Unique Finishes

The most unique finish polish within my collection would be Bow Blinder which is a silver flash reactive polish. Since they were first released there has been many different colours which have came out but for me, one is enough and so is unique to my collection.


15 March 2022

Topic Tuesday: Flash Reactive

Last year's battle of the polishes purchased saw Bow Blinder coming second, flash reactive is something quite new. I only have one of them and while I like how sparkly it is I don't like the removal process. Next time I wear it I want to try it as a topper and definitely using a peel off base coat. I doubt I would purchase another flash reactive one.


20 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Winner!

Finally today I am working out which polish won the 2021 battle.

The top three polishes were Bow Blinder, Aj Nails Venus and Danglefoot Cyclops.

First polish I eliminated was Aj Nails Venus, it really is autumn in a polish with it's colour shifts.


In second place is Bow Blinder, which has a light reactive finish which is something new to my collection. The reason it only came second is it's a glitter finish and so harder to remove than a cream polish.

Which means that Danglefoot Cyclops is the winner of my nail polish battle 2021. I chose this as the winner as the base is a beautiful indigo jelly finish. The copper flakes go well with it and stand out against the indigo base. I like to layer it over Barry M Indigo to get an opaque polished look.


18 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Top Three

These are all of the winners from each round;

Bow - Blinder // Barry M - Boysenberry // Orly - Plastic Jungle // Aj Nails - Venus // Danglefoot - Cyclops // Whatcha - Heart of the Ocean

Halving this category was tricky as they are all my top polishes from 2021;

I chose Bow Blinder because the finish was something new to my collection as it is light reactive.

Aj Nails Venus as it is something I have been wearing a lot throughout autumn.

And lastly Danglefoot Cyclops as I really like the colour combination of the indigo base and copper flakes.

I'm still not sure which is going to be the best polish purchase in 2021!


2 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Glitter, Flakie, Shimmers

Now that it's December, it's time for my annual nail polish battle. I find it interesting to look back over the year at the new polishes I have acquired and seeing which ones are my favourites.

Since last years nail polish battle I have 78 new nail polishes which is ten more than last year. Today I am looking at the new 11 glitters, flakies and shimmers.

Bow - Blinder - Flash // Nail Artisan - Nobody Move! // Polish Me Silly - Glow Girl // Polish Me Silly - Glow For It // Polish Me Silly - Candy Glow // Models Own - Dove // Models Own - Duck // Models Own - Swan // Lumen - Crystal Cave // Cure Nails - Disco // Emily de Molly - Deadly Secret

Choosing my top three wasn't too difficult;

Polish Me Silly Glow Girl - I spent a good few months at the beginning of the year looking for a dupe for a purple, blue clear flakie polish I had seen and liked. Finally saw this one was in stock and it met my flakie need.

Emily de Molly - Deadly Secret is a black shard glitter in a clear base, something unique, I got more recently for Halloween based nail art. I've seen a lot of spooky polishes that have shard glitter in them, rather than buying a lot of different polishes buying a topper means can use with polishes I already own.

Which means that Bow Blinder Flash is the winner of this nail polish battle. The finish of the polish looks like a standard glitter but when a light is shining on it the polish glows. Flash reactive, similar to cat eyes on the road which is a very unique finish polish to my collection.


2 August 2021

23 July 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Bow - Blinder (Flash Collection)

This nail polish is a new finish to my collection, described as being 'flash reflective' which is a similar technology to cat eyes on the road that only reflect when in direct light.

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Silver
Finish | Reflective, Glitter
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
How Much | 11ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Collection | Flash Collection
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Removal | Difficult, same as a typical glitter
Purchased From | Rainbow Collection

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Daylight, No Flash]