20 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Winner!

Finally today I am working out which polish won the 2021 battle.

The top three polishes were Bow Blinder, Aj Nails Venus and Danglefoot Cyclops.

First polish I eliminated was Aj Nails Venus, it really is autumn in a polish with it's colour shifts.


In second place is Bow Blinder, which has a light reactive finish which is something new to my collection. The reason it only came second is it's a glitter finish and so harder to remove than a cream polish.

Which means that Danglefoot Cyclops is the winner of my nail polish battle 2021. I chose this as the winner as the base is a beautiful indigo jelly finish. The copper flakes go well with it and stand out against the indigo base. I like to layer it over Barry M Indigo to get an opaque polished look.



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