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18 December 2018

Nails: Top 5 Winter Polishes 2018

Seeing as the winter equinox is rapidly approaching on Friday I thought I would share my top five winter polishes for 2018, I have done a similar post in 2017 (here) and 2016 (here).

OPI Desperately - Seeking Sequins // A England - Briarwood // Leighton Denny - Be My Berry // Essie - Mind Your Mittens // OPI - Ornament to be Together

OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins - Below is worn over a copper polish, but during the winter season I would wear this over a black polish or even over a silver to add a bit of glitter. Tis the season for glitter after all!

A England Briarwood - Spoiler alert for my nail polish battle for 2018, Briarwood comes in the top three. I am wearing this polish quite a lot, it is dark but you can still tell it isn't a black. It is also holographic which makes it something you could wear as is rather than using it as a plain base for nail art.

Leighton Denny Be My Berry - Would it be a winter top five blog post without a red? I have over 40 red polishes and this one stands out. It is a red which leans slightly dark with a red shimmer throughout it. Great for the festive season.

Essie Mind Your Mittens - This is a beautifully deep green polish, this year I have already used it in nail art. Deep forest green, nice for pine trees! If you don't usually wear a darker polish then this is the time of year to try it out.

OPI Ornament to be Together - While I have already had a silver polish in my top five that one was a glitter in a clear base. This one isn't a glitter, this is a shimmer polish which does have some very fine holographic pieces. This with the glitter polish would make for easy New Year's Eve nails.


5 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Grey

Today I am going over the grey polishes I have gotten during 2018.

OPI - Ornament To Be Together // A England - Jane Morris // A England - Moth A Fairy // OPI - Coalmates // OPI - Top The Package With A Beau // Revlon - Talk Dirty

First thing is to work out my top three;

A England - Jane Morris // A England - Moth A Fairy // OPI - Coalmates

A England - Jane Morris is a mid grey holographic polish. I really like how it is prismatic but not in your face bright.

OPI - Coalmates is a metallic charcoal shade, with some scattered holographic particles.

And the winner is: A England - Moth A Fairy! This polish is deeper in tone than Jane Morris, but equally as holographic. A dark grey, moody, holographic polish.


14 May 2018

Swatch: OPI - Ornament to Be Together


Colour: Silver
Finish: Metallic / Glass Flecked
Opacity: Three Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide
How Much? 15ml