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7 May 2019

29 October 2018

Halloween Nails: Graveyard


Dark Base Polish | W7 - Black
Orange Base Polish | Barry M - Mango
Yellow Base Polish | China Glaze - Werk It Honey
Holographic Glitter | Jessica - Hologram Top Coat - Silver
Stamping Polish | MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate | MoYou London - Gothic Collection 04

Base Coat | Leighton Denny - Undercover
Top Coat | Glisten and Glow HK Top Coat
Stamper | MoYou - Clear Stamper

25 July 2018

Review: MoYou - Clear Stamp and Scraper*


This is a clear stamper for nail art stamping, which comes with clear stamping body, two jelly clear stamping heads and a plastic scraper.

Because it is clear this allows for exact placement of images, the body of the stamper is completely hollow and the stamping head being clear means placement isn't down to guess work.


Both of the heads are 22mm in diameter. I would describe them as being jelly in texture, with one softer than the other. A jelly stamper makes transferring an image across easy on my nails which have a strong C curve shape to them. It also means the stamping head wraps the image around your nail rather than having to roll it over the nail.

Overall I like this stamper, both the clear body and the clear stamping head makes image placement really easy. The scraper is made from hard plastic and won't damage your plates the way metal ones do.

Here is some nail art I have done using this stamper;



MoYou - Clear Stamp and Scraper

27 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store - Double Head Clear Jelly Silicone Stamper*


This is a double ended clear jelly stamper. It comes in a resealable baggie along with a plastic scraper.


It comes with two different sized ends and are capped too which is great for stopping lint sticking to the stamping head. It is around 6cm in length and one head is around 1.9cm and the larger head is 2.4cm.

The stamper is a jelly type one which makes picking up images easier as well as getting the images to get on to nails with a strong C curve.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Double-Head-Clear-Jelly-Silicone-Stamper Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Double-Head-Clear-Jelly-Silicone-Stamper

It is clear the body of the stamper but the ends aren't hollow. You can still mostly see through it to align your image.


Using the stamper was easy, having a smaller end was useful for targeted stamping and the larger end for covering my entire nail.

Overall this is a good jelly stamper, you can see through it to a certain degree and so can stamp on the nail in the right spot. The stamping head is squishy enough to get the image on the nail curve.

Here are some nails I have done using this stamper;

[Green Leopard Print]

[July 4th Nails]

I have a 10% off code if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store

17 February 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Clear Jelly Stamper*


Since beginning stamping in 2010 there has been a lot of changes to stampers. The clear jelly stamper is the next new thing.

The idea of this stamper is that the stamping head is clear which helps with the placement of the stamped designs.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Clear-Jelly-Nail-Art-Stamper-Clear-Silicone-Marshmallow Review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Clear-Jelly-Nail-Art-Stamper-Clear-Silicone-Marshmallow

The Born Pretty Store clear jelly stamper has a hole at the top of the stamper so you can see down to the jelly head and therefore through the head and on to the nail itself.


Stamping head is jelly like in firmness, it isn't as squishy as a marshmallow type one but certainly not as hard as a traditional Konad one. My nails are curved and long which means I need a squishy head to transfer the image across, while this isn't as soft as a marshmallow head it is soft enough to use on my nails without damaging them.

I didn't need to prime the stamper before using it, prior to using all I did was use a sticky lint roll to remove the fluff which had stuck to the head.

Being able to see exactly where you are placing your stamped image is a great development in the world of stamping. I know I will get a lot more use from my stamping plates because of this stamper. Being able to get the placement right is so much better than stamping and hoping it is right.

Here is a couple of nail art designs I did using this stamping plate:

Barry M - Rose Hip

Barry M - Rose Hip / Avon - Cherry Dazzler Stardust

Essie - Shall We Chalet

Overall I really like this stamper and would recommend it, it really helps with stamping placement and means I get a lot more use from the stamping plates which I already own.

You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

$4.59 - BornPrettyStore