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29 March 2015

Nails: Spring Lambs

Spring is officially here, and today is daylight savings. The day they steal an hour of your life and if you are lucky enough to live until October they give you it back.


Eyeko - Rain Polish
High Maintenance - Black 85

Dotting Tools
Acrylic Paints
Paint Brush - 000

9 March 2015

Nails: Acrylic Paint - Why I Use It

While I use a lot of nail polishes in my nail art I also really like to use acrylic paints.

[Details Here]

I use them for a couple of reasons:

- You can mix custom colours, so I don't need to have a million polishes
- Acrylic paint dries slower than polish, which means you have longer to do your designs and it doesn't go thick, gloopy and stringy

[Details Here]

- If you mess up it is easy to wipe off with some water and start again, without messing the base polish
- The pigmentation of the paint is good so you don't need to go over and over the same area

[Details Here]

- The acrylic is thinner than normal polish and because of this you can achieve thinner more delicate lines and details

[Details Here]

[Details Here]

The acrylic paints that I use are from Wilkinsons, I first got this set of twelve paints


I quickly went through the black and white paints and so have purchased these ones which have 75ml in each bottle compared to the 12ml in the mini tubes.


The assorted pack of paints (12ml x12) was around £2
The individual bottles (75ml) were around £1 and the metallic paints are around £1.25

14 December 2014

Nails: Disney's Frozen - Olaf

Recently I got around to watching Frozen, while it wasn't really my kind of movie it did inspire these holographic gradient. snowflake, snowman Olaf nails:

Base Polishes: Barry M - Matt White, Barry M - Blue Moon
Holographic Polish: Kleancolor - Blue Holo 135, Models Own - Juicy Jules
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Matt White
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Festive Collection 03

Acrylic Paints
000 Paint Brush


23 October 2014

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Grey, Colour, 1970's

So I tried to do some 70's people dancing, really didn't work how I wanted!


Ciate - Vintage

Black Acrylic Paint
Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint

26 December 2013

Winter Nail Challenge: Winter Characters

The prompt for today's challenge was winter characters, Raymond Briggs character The Snowman is something which is everywhere at Christmas. Not so much 'characters', more of a single character.


Polishes Used:
Stargazer - Navy 105
Miss Sporty - 420
Jessica - Holographic Silver Topcoat
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Other Tools:
Dotting Tools
Acrylic Paints

8 December 2013

Winter Nail Challenge: Winter Nature

I had this idea floating around my head for a few weeks but seemed to be lacking the motivation to get it from my imagination on to the nails. Glad I finally did though, the holographic glitter really makes it look like it is snowing.


Base Polish: Barry M - Blue Moon
Holographic Polish: Jessica - Silver Holographic Top Coat
Other Polishes: Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Acrylic Paints

19 October 2013

Halloween Nails: Scream

Scream inspired nails. I will be doing a couple of different sets of nails for Halloween, and these are my first.


W7 - Black
White Acrylic Paint

10 October 2013