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30 October 2021

Halloween Nails: Zombie

Base Polish | Barry M - Tiramisu
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002
Nude Accent | Barry M - Down to Earth
White Accent | W7 - White 34
Red Glitter Accent | Barry M- Opulent
Ginger Accent | Barry M - Paprika
Matte Topcoat | Barry M - Matte Topcoat
Face Stamping Plate | Born Pretty 126
Grunge Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary L12


28 October 2021

Halloween Nails: Pumpkins and Ghosties

Base Polish | Barry M - Chai Latte
Metallic Polish | Avon - Frosted Peach
Orange Accent | Color Club - Wham Pow!
Green Accent | Aj Nails - Peacock
White Accent | W7 - White 34
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002


14 January 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite White Polishes

White may not be a colour I choose to wear a lot, however I still need a couple in my collection.

W7 - White (swatch)
I like this one because it's cheap and is good for nail art, it isn't one I would want to wear as is though as it takes three coats to be opaque.

Barry M - Cotton (swatch)
The opacity of this is a two coater, and isn't streaky either. Flat, wide, rounded cuticle brush shape too which is my favourite type. Definitely my go to white polish.

OPI - Alpine Snow (swatch)
This goes in the same category as the W7 White, good but not the one I prefer over Cotton.


7 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: White and Nude

Today I am looking back over the white and nude polishes from 2018.

W7 - White 34 // Barry M - Coconut // Barry M - Cream Soda // Barry M - Butterscotch Sundae // OPI - Taupe-less Beach

Next I selected my top three;

W7 - White 34 // Barry M - Cream Soda // OPI - Taupe-less Beach

W7 - White 34, white polishes aren't something I would wear as is, however they are great for nail art or as a base. This one is opaque in two coats and has a whopping 15ml inside.

OPI - Taupe-less Beach, this is a traditional beige shade. Really not much to say about it, I chose it for the top three because it was the darkest polish there!

The winner of this round is Barry M - Cream Soda, I chose this because it is a clean white shade, opaque in two coats and the brush type is flat, wide and rounded at the cuticle which makes application very easy and not streaky.


14 November 2018

Nails: World Diabetes Day 2018

Wednesday 14th November is World Diabetes Day.

I am greater than my highs and lows.


Blue Polish | Barry M - Blackberry
White Polish | W7 - White 34

Striping Brush


28 October 2018