14 August 2021

Stamping Plate: Nicole Diary - L12

Another plate I don't remember when specifically I bought it but it was in 2020.

The stamping plate comes with a blue protective layer which you peel off and branded backing. It is a large plate measuring at 145mm by 950mm.

The majority of the images on this plate are designed for Halloween and spooky season as a whole. All the images stamp across well, and the engraving works fine.

I've used this plate in a few sets of nails;

[Lone Wolf Nails]

[Skull Cameo Nails]



  1. OMG Hallowe'en! I bought some stuff in TK Maxx today. A pumpkin cat igloo and a sqeaky pumpkin toy for my wee daughter. So excited about it and keep asking other shops when they are getting Hallowe'en stuff in haha!

    1. TKMaxx are always really early, Poundstetcher have things in now and Home Bargains is getting their stuff in end of next week.


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