10 September 2020

Swatch: Born Pretty Store - Zeus Sword - Flourish Holographic Series [#42514]*

To celebrate Born Pretty Store's upcoming 10th Birthday I have some polishes to share;

Review-Swatch-Born-Pretty-Store-Zeus-Sword-Flourish-Holographic-Series-#42514 Review-Swatch-Born-Pretty-Store-Zeus-Sword-Flourish-Holographic-Series-#42514

Zeus Sword comes packaged in a plastic wrap, and in a cardboard box.

Colour | Silver
Finish | Holographic
Opacity | Three Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flattened
How Much | 6ml
Collection | Flourish Holographic Series

Zeus Sword is a traditional silver, strong holographic finish polish.


[Indoors, No Flash]

[Ring Light]

I have a 10% off discount code (HS7J61) if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store



  1. Pfft that is a holo to die for! I think this might be your Gosh replacement! I'll pick myself off the floor now ;-D

    1. It is stunning, will need to do a comparison type post. I also got Tonic Polish Jinx which is very similar too. First impressions are similar but not quite there.


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