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17 June 2023

Stamping Plate: Finger Angel - V31

I originally bought this in January 2023.

The plate doesn't come backed with hard plastic so the edges are quite sharp. It does come with a protective blue sticker over the top.

The plate has both capital and lower case alphabet on in a medieval style as well as numbers and musical symbols.

I have used the letter images a few times now and they all have stamped across well.

[Mother's Day Nails]

[Six! The Musical Nails]


10 June 2023

Stamping Plate: What's Up Nails - Growing Beauty B037

The stamping plate comes in a carboard and plastic sleeve, plastic backed and with clear protector sticker over the top. There are 12 images on the plate and are larger so fit on my longer nails.

All of the images I have used so far have stamped across really well. Below are some nails using this plate;

[Cactus Nails]

[Spring Floral Nails]


21 January 2023

Stamping Plate: JinTian - Y281

JinTian Y281 is a rectangle plate that comes with a blue protective sticker over top, it isn't backed so the edges are sharp.

The plate is space themed, has six full nail images and 18 single images.

I have used the plate a few times now and all of the images stamp across well.

Here are the nails I have done using the plate;

[Grey Stars]

[Blue Stars]


14 January 2023

Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Scholar Collection 06

I got this a few months ago as I'm not great at freehand letters.

This plate comes in a cardboard slip, and with a blue protective sticker.

It has the alphabet in both capitals and lower case, as well as some paper lines and five other school based images.

Since I have had this plate I have used it a few times and all of the letters used stamped across really well;

[Violet Let it Snow Nails]

[Hello 2023 Nails]


23 October 2022

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty - Halloween L011

I purchased this plate earlier this year, it is Halloween themed but has various other images on.

The plate has six full nail images and a selection of smaller images, Halloween themed. It comes backed in hard plastic and with a protective removeable sticker on top.

I haven't used the French tips yet, but all of the images I have used have stamped across well;

[Die, Zombie Nails]

[Autumn Nails]


15 October 2022

Stamping Plate: Hit The Bottle - Embrace the Darkside 01


Embrace the Darkside 01 comes with the standard blue protective film over the face of the plate, and a hard white plastic backing.

It is larger 9.5cm x 14cm, with most of the 12 full nail images being 17.5mm x 22.4mm.

The theme of the plate is Halloween and of all the images I have used so far have all stamped across well;

[Dancing Witches]

[Spider Nails]