29 March 2011

Swatch: Barry M Nail Effects - White Frost

So these polishes were announced about two weeks ago and were out at the beginning of last week. I went in to both Superdrugs and Boots but while there were 30+ bottles of the black there were no of the new colours. I ended up finding them in Fenwicks though.

This is the white one which is named White Frost which made me imagine it would be a frosty, shimmery finish rather than the more matte one of the black however that isn't the case.

It applies in quite a thick coat which cracks within about 20 seconds if that, it happens right in front of your eyes which is quite mesmerizing.

If you ignore the messy patch on my finger! You can see its a matte finish which does unfortunately remind me of tippex. Over all I like the product just not the colour, or indeed the baby pink or baby blue ones which also came out at the same time. I do however really like the black one, I recommend this crackle polish to you if you like the colours. Nice and cheap as well!

£3.99 - 10ml
Barry M

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