17 April 2012

Swatch: ELF - Twinkle

This polish had been on my lust list for a while, and then ended in my to review pile! It's quite difficult to describe so have been putting it off.

Finish: Fine glitter, in a clear base. Blue, silver, greens almost holographic looking
Opacity: A topcoat which one coat is enough
Lasting Powder: Unsure
Brush Type: Standard
How much: 10ml
Repurchase? Yes, but this will last me a good while.

Twinkle is swatched here over ELF's Teal. Did a spot of stamping to freshen this up, looked quite twinkly to the eye

Hopefully this quick video helped to show the twinkle factor which the photos struggled to show
£1.50 - 10ml

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