17 November 2013

Stamping Plate: QA28 aka Mustaches and Kisses

So this is the stamping plate with and without the protective sticker layer. This plate isn't lined so the edges are quite sharp so if you do purchase this be careful.

Stamping_Plate_QA28 Stamping_Plate_QA28

All of the images printed well, and are quite comical!

I had problems with the stamping above on one of the lip images but that was because I got some of my hair on the stamper. One of the moustache images didn't stamp well also but again that was down to my bad technique. You get 13 images which is great from one plate.

A couple of designs I did for Movember, I am sure in time I will have used some of the other images. Click here to see some of those.



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