11 February 2014

Tri-Colour Nail Challenge: Pink, Grey and Brown #2

This month the colours are Pink, Grey and Brown. If you want to join or want to know more about this then you can do here.

I chose to use Barry M Buzz, La Femme Grey Cream 100 and ELF Smoky Brown.


Polishes used:
Barry M Buzz
La Femme Grey Cream 100
ELF Smoky Brown

Stamping Polish: W7 - Black
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM406




  1. This is lovely, such lightness of touch. It's somewhere between Scandinavian design and art deco, which is a pretty good place to be in my book ;)

  2. Oh wow these look like Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas to me!

    1. I wish! I need to do some sort of Tim Burton nails.


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