22 July 2017

Stamping Plate: Nail Craze 01

I bought this plate as well as NC02 back in July 2013, so this post is well over due!

Review-Nail-Craze-01-Stamping-Plate Review-Nail-Craze-01-Stamping-Plate

This stamping plate is larger in size than the standard circular plates. This has nine different images in it. Four butterfly wing images, some hearts, peacock feather and a dandelion.


Most of the images stamped well, I had problems with the large negative spaces on the butterfly wings which you can tell. I don't think that is a criticism of the plate though as I am yet to master the stamping of large negative spaces.

Here are some nail art designs I have done using Nail Craze 01:



And here is a link to see all of the nail art using Nail Craze 01.

I have also now reviewed NC02 here.


  1. I love the way that dandelion stamped in both your manis. I really love that gray marbled looking mani best. That is soo pretty!


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