26 May 2018

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster Holiday Collection H23 (BMH23)

Today I am continuing with the Bundle Monster 'Holiday Collection' which consists of 25 different plates.

BM H23 is graduation themed. I didn't have this plate for either of my graduations but I would have worked one or more images on to my nails if I did!


This stamping plate is backed with branded backing, so it doesn't have sharp edges, each plate has six images on them. This particular plate has two full nail image and four smaller images.


All of the images stamped across really well, some of the images are too short to fit on my longer nails. Of them all I think the present is one I would use more often as it isn't new born specific.

Here are a set of nails I did using this plate:


You can see all of the nail art I used this plate in here.

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  1. That stamp is pretty cute, and I love it on top of that colour combo!!


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