22 May 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Rainbow Manicure Gel Removal Tool [#41980]*


Born Pretty Store have brought out a range of duochrome nail tools, I have reviewed the cuticle nippers here, this is a triangle gel polish removal tool. It also comes in a on trend rose gold colour too.


The handle is ridged which helps to grip the tool and makes using it easier. The look of the tool is very pretty too, it looks professional as well as 'sparking joy' with the colours!


The head of the tool is shaped like a triangle which has a sharp bottom edge which isn't sharp to the touch but it is sharp enough when dragged across gel polish to remove it.


To use it I drag it across a hardened gel polish, it begins to scrape off the top layer and then I can go in with pure acetone and remove the small amount of remaining polish. It makes the removal of gel polish much easier and quicker than the traditional soaking in acetone.

I have a discount code if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store Cuticle Nippers


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