20 July 2022

Review: Finger Angel - Stamping Plate Holder 20 Slots

I reviewed the Angel Finger 120 Stamping Plate Holder last year, and recently received this 20 slot large stamping plate holder as a gift.

- This holder is in rainbow colours, in a shiny plastic.
- Has two press studs to secure it depending on how full it is.
- It holds 20 large stamping plates, 9.5X14.5cm. Two plates back to back in each 'page'.
- Fits my Dixie, EDK, Nicole Diary and UberChic plates. Would fit slightly wider plates but not extra length.
- Sturdy, durable material.
-From Amazon UK

I would recommend this plate holder, it does what it needs to do.



  1. Loving this :-D You should totally do nail art to match it :-D

    1. Ooh that would be a challenge, closest would be (https://www.enigmatic-rambles.com/2021/07/nail-art-holographic-rainbow.html) but that isn't dragged how these colours are.


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