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2 October 2016

Swatch: Barry M - Poppy (Silk)


Colour: Pink
Finish: Glass Flecked Semi Matte
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 10ml

With topcoat:


11 December 2015

Nail Polish Battle 2015: Reds

Another day, another battle. Looking at reds;

Barry M - Sparkling Ruby // Barry M - Poppy (Silk) // Leighton Denny - Chestnut Charm // Nails Inc - Grosvenor Crescent

Barry M Poppy was eliminated because it leans slightly to the pink side. Grosvenor Crescent is really dark and lovely but the following two were just that bit special.

Leighton Denny Chestnut Charm is a beautiful autumnal colour which is a little bit different.

However the winner has to be Barry M Sparkling Ruby. It is one of the first two none cream finish Gelly polishes, with a lovely flat and wide brush. It has no glitter which means it is easy to remove. Very appropriate for this time of year which could be why it beat Chestnut Charm.

21 October 2015

Halloween Nails: Mummies


Leighton Denny - Sink into Mink
Barry M - Matte White
Barry M - Poppy (Silk)