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1 October 2022

Stamping Plate: Hit the Bottle - Embrace the Darkside 03


Embrace the Darkside 03 comes with the standard blue protective film over the face of the plate, and a hard white plastic backing.

It is larger 9.5cm x 14cm, with most of the 12 full nail images being 17.5mm x 22.4mm.

The theme of the plate is Halloween and of all the images I have used so far have all stamped across well;

[Spell Book Nails]

[It's Alive!]


20 August 2022

Stamping Plate: Esmaltes da Kelly - All Hallows Eve


- The stamping plate comes with a clear protective sticker over it to protect it.
- Its a larger plate at 10cm by 15cm.
- The theme as the name suggests is Halloween images.
- All the images I have used so far have stamped well.

Here are a few nail art designs using the plate;

[Pastel Death Nails]
[Matte Spider Nails]


30 July 2022

Stamping Plate: Emily de Molly 44


This stamping plate comes with a protective blue sticker over top, it is around 21.5mm x 17mm.

It has a range of full nail images as well as smaller single images. All are galactic type images.

I have used the plate a couple of times and all of those designs used stamped across well;


24 May 2022

Topic Tuesday: Stamping Plate Bought for One Image

I recently purchased Qgirl-003 for a challenge I participated in. I got it for the little tiny ducks as well as the larger duck. I don't think I would get much use from the other images on the plate.



23 April 2022

Stamping Plate: Qgirl - 003


Qgirl 003 is a round stamping plate, it has an eclectic mix of images including flower, pineapples and ducks. I have used this plate a couple of times and although the small duck images were tricky to get to stamp they still did stamp across.

Nails done using this plate;


26 March 2022

Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang - XL 001

I don't remember when I bought this plate but at some point in 2019.

It comes hard plastic backed with a blue protective sticker over the plate. It is rectangle shaped and designed for longer nails with 14 full nail images on it.

I've used the plate a few different times now and each time the images stamped across well;

[Shell Nails]

[Watermelon Nails]