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26 March 2022

Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang - XL 001

I don't remember when I bought this plate but at some point in 2019.

It comes hard plastic backed with a blue protective sticker over the plate. It is rectangle shaped and designed for longer nails with 14 full nail images on it.

I've used the plate a few different times now and each time the images stamped across well;

[Shell Nails]

[Watermelon Nails]


2 October 2021

Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang XL 019 - Halloween

I had bought this plate last year but with it being spooky month I thought it was time to review it.

It comes backed with white plastic which means no cuts from sharp edges, also protected by a blue sticker.

It is a plate designed for longer nails, it has eight full nail images and 14 smaller images. I have found all of the images stamped across really well.

Here are some stamped nails I have used this plate in;

[Trick or Treat]


15 May 2021

Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang XL-001

I think I bought this plate at some point during early 2020. I don't have a lot of Beauty Big Bang plates but the ones I have used are well etched and easy to use.

The plate is backed with thick, hard plastic and is rectangle shaped. It has 14 full nail images on, they are longer in lengths which works on longer nails. All the images stamped across well.

[Summer Foliage Nails]


25 January 2021

Nails: Peacock Tartan

These nails were the base of some festive ones I did in December, I think I prefer them without the tree.

Base Polish | Tonic Polish - Peacock Parade
Stamping Plate | Beauty Big Bang 5


25 October 2020

Halloween Nails: Pumpkins

Would it be spooky month without pumpkins?

Dark Orange Polish | Nails Inc - Optic Flame
Light Orange Polish | Barry M - Mandarin
Holo Polish | HITS - Hefesto Holografico
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang - 002
Stamping Plate | Born Pretty Store - L099


24 October 2020

Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang XL 020 - Halloween

I bought this in July along with a couple of other Halloween themed plates.

So this stamping plate is a rectangle shaped one with eight full sized images on and seven smaller ones. It comes with a blue protective sticker and hard plastic backed.

All of the images that I have used have stamped across really well, it has some quite unique images on it too which more traditional Halloween plates don't have.

Here are some nails I have done using this plate;

[Pumpkin and Spider Nails]

[Trick or Treat Nails]


22 October 2020