27 May 2011

Swatch: Eyeko - Cosmic Polish

After I did a review sort of thing on my experience with Eyeko I thought it may be nice to just review a couple of the products I got with that order.

They say ~ Eyeko Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails. Unique midnight black shade loaded with multi-coloured glitters like fireworks in a night sky!

So this was supposed to be a photo of the brush and the bottle size but not sure if it shows up too well

As the photo suggests this is one coat, which actually totally suprised me as to how opaque it was

Still needed a second coat though so went on to do that

Now which that left the nails nice and coated in the polish it was still a little bit gritty to touch and so I applied my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat to the top which made them look amazing

So beautifully smooth and shiny! I adore the colour its a very dark navy / black colour with coloured glitter. I am not usually a fan of glitter but I like this a lot!

The bottle is smaller than a standard sized polish and really is over priced at £5 however it is stunning but if I could find a dupe I would. I paid £3.33 for this as part of a three for £10 offer which for me is still over priced for such a small bottle.


£5 - 8.5ml

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