9 November 2012

Swatch: Barry M - Special Effects Gold

No one seems to talk about crackle nail polishes anymore, things have moved on to the next thing. However I still think there is a place for shatter polishes, they are good for perking up plain nails without having to think too hard and spend a long time making your nails beautiful.

This particular crackle is Barry M's Instant Nail Effects in Gold. I personally don't usually opt for gold but over the black I think this could be something wearable over the festive season, especially over New Years time.

Opacity: Really thick which makes for a great crackle which works
over any colour base, really pops with a top coat
Brush Type: Standard
How Much: 10ml
Cost: £3.99 

Instructions are now handily printed on the side of the bottle rather than on a cardboard note tied around the top.



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