12 November 2013

Review: XXL Squishy Stamper


I like to stamp my nails, its relatively easy and can look really effective. When my nails are short they are easy to stamp, but when they get longer it is more difficult and I end up missing the top corners. My nails have quite a strong C curve, as in rather than the tips being flat across they curl in to a C shape. This makes stamping more difficult, also I press down quite hard when I stamp which can be damaging.


So this is where the XL Squishy stamper comes in, it is larger than a normal stamper and it is very squishy which means it lets the image easily go around the C curve of my nails and it is gentle enough to stamp the length of my nails without breaking them.


When I first got my squishy XL stamper I thought it was a waste of money as I couldn't get it to pick up any images. I found that swiping some pure acetone over it removed the layer of substance which was causing me problems. The stickiness of the stamper also means it likes to attract lint but the acetone helps get that off too.

The squishy stamper end constantly falls out of the plastic holder, I jammed it in there with a tissue and that also really helped it to stay in and work properly.

 XXL-Squishy-Nail-Stamper-review XXL-Squishy-Nail-Stamper-review

You can stretch images to fit longer nails with this stamper too.

These nails are the result of the first time working with the stamper once it is cleaned with the acetone;

W7 - Black
Bundle Monster 314

Not my best stamping but I am sure I can improve.

I got my XXL stamper from eBay for £1.52 inc P&P



  1. this post is so great! thanks for it!

    I have so many problems with stamping now I consider buying some new stamp to improve :)

    1. I find it is really good for curvy / long nails :)

  2. Woot! I LOVE my squishy stamper, it is a little 'high maintenance' compared to the regular ones, but I've really noticed a difference in my stamping, especially as you say, getting the image over my whole nail, plus it's so much easier to just press my nail into the stamper, rather than rolling the stamper across my nail.

    1. Yeah there is a bit of a learning curve in using a squishy stamp but like you say it makes the whole stamping thing so much more easier :D

  3. I have to agree with the stretching of the image, the squishy is great for that and well as getting good edge-to-edge coverage. Mine is so blinking sticky, it gets caught on everything. Its a real pain. But it does produce some beautiful stamps

    1. That is a good term, edge to edge coverage, and it is so true especially when your nails have a strong C curve to them :)


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