3 December 2014

Review: Lush - Secret Santa

Modelled on our first shop in Poole and fragrenced with our 29 High Street perfume this is our very own Santa’s grotto. The fragrance was created to emulate the rich smell of essential oils inside the shop, and there's even a miniature red Father Christmas bath bomb inside!

This bath ballistic was very large, and when you shook it it rattled. Because this was so big I smashed it in to pieces so I could divide it between two baths. Inside of the house shell was a red santa's head which turned the water a red colour although with the amount of orange this was overpowered in the bath water. 

The fragrance of this was a slight Ylang Ylang although it was fresh with a vague citrus scent to it as well. Although the scent didn't linger on the skin nor was it particularly over powering in the bath itself.

I found that this made the water a great uplifting orange colour, however it also spat out a lot of dirt and twigs. Almost like the floor of a forest in your bath. However it didn't last and didn't mean a lengthy clean up afterwards.


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