30 December 2014

2014: Nail Art Top 10 - My Picks

So we have seen the top five nail art posts which were most popular on the blog but I think it is nice to look back and to see my choices and how they differ from those. These are in no particular order:

Black Holo Snowflakes
[Details Here]
I liked these because for me they were very wearable and very me.

Gradient Holo Dotticure
[Details Here]
 I do like dotticures, gradients and holos as well as purples so these were great for me. I quite like the smallness of the dots.

Wedding Guest Nails
[Details Here]
Again with the holo polish, with a purple base and some silver studs it was quite simple but not boring. That and I got to see my friend get married :)

Patchwork Nails
[Details Here]
These nails were freehanded, while I do have a similar stamp I thought this added to the patchwork effect. Reminded me of Sally for Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas
[Details Here]
Speaking of Nightmare Before Christmas I liked these nails as well, I was surprised it had taken me so long to get around to doing these nails!

Fingerprint Nails
[Details Here]
Halloween came and went and these were some of the nails I did for that. I quite liked how the stamping looked over a textured base. The mini french tips were cute as well I thought.

Holographic Chevrons 
[Details Here]
 Back to more holographic polish, this stamped perfectly and the colours seemed to work really well together. I didn't want to remove this at all.

It's Me, Mario!
[Details Here]
First time in a while I was able to concentrate on anything long enough to do some freehand nails. I really liked how these turned out. Mario and everything looking a bit blocky and mis-coloured really worked with the 1980's version of Super Mario.

Black Holo Clouds
[Details Here]
 I think there is a running theme of holographic designs this past year! I liked these ones because they were quite simple, black and silver. Really easy to do and looked good with the squoval shaped nails.

Frozen's Olaf 
[Details Here]
These were something I freehanded after watching the movie, I was late to the Frozen party, not having children or having any inclination towards Disney meant I didn't care too much for it. However it did inspire these cute nails, I liked the holo gradient as well as the icy stamped snowflakes.



  1. Those fingerprint ones are my favourite! So effective!

    1. Thanks, I was surprised how well they turned out :)


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