20 December 2016

Nail Polish Battle 2016: Top 3!

Today's post is the last in this years series. You can see 2015 here, 2014 here and 2013 here

So the top three are Berry Looking Good, Let Me In and Clarence Avenue:

Eliminating one was quite easy, I chose to remove Clarence Avenue because as good as the brush and the formula are it just isn't special enough to win an entire years worth of nail polish battle.

The final battle between Berry Looking Good and Let Me In on the other hand was very difficult. In the end I chose for Berry Good Looking to win because that holographic effect is so spectacular. Let Me In is also a holographic finish polish but next to Berry Looking Good is a little less than breath-taking, but I do really like it a lot!

In Second Place:


Winner of 2016 Nail Polish Battle:

Cupcake Polish - Berry Looking Good


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