5 December 2016

Nail Polish Battle 2016: Black Polishes

For the past four years I have done nail polish battles, the idea is all of the new nail polishes I have gathered throughout the year battle against each other to see which is the best polish of the year. During 2016 I have 76 new polishes to battle with.

Firstly are the black nail polishes:

Barry M - Black Cherry // Barry M - Blackcurrant // Barry M - Black Grape // Kiko - Black // Essie - Licorice

While I do like all of these polishes, I have to opt between Kiko Black and Essie Licorice as they are both creme black polishes rather than another colour heavily blackened.

This was a hard battle but I chose Licorice because the brush is slightly better than the Kiko version, it is flat with a rounded cuticle. However both of them are one coaters.


  1. the decision seemed very close for you to choose between the 2.... i will try it and see if the brush is as good as you say xx

  2. What I did dislike about my kiko polish was that it did change the structure to some sticky mess after only a few months :-(

    1. Ahh that's no good. This one is okay at the moment but I have had it less than a year.


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