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25 December 2021

Barry M - Nail Paint Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has 12 full size polishes of which six are exclusive to the box as well as a surprise behind door 12. Before purchasing I checked what polishes were actually in the set and only two of them were already in my collection. 

I'll post a jump link below to hide any spoilers;

10 November 2020

Topic Tuesday: Almost Black Polishes

These types of polishes are ones I like, Barry M did a range of Gelly polishes a while ago which were almost black.


5 November 2020

Review: Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Hard Top Coat (Black Cherry Bomb Scent)


I hadn't tried a new topcoat since I found my 'holy grail' Glisten and Glow. Rainbow Connection has a range of different scented versions, I would imagine that how the topcoat itself works is the same regardless of the scent.

What are the claims?

Can be used over wet polish - I have used it over wet polish and it does work.

Applied over wet polish, it is dry to the touch in under 3 minutes - It is dry to the touch in under 3 minutes, however I was still able to dint my nails hours later.

Super glossy shine that lasts up to 2 weeks - I don't wear polish for that long so can't comment on the time length. However it does leave a lovely glossy finish.

Dries rock hard in 15 minutes providing the perfect base for vinyls, stamping, or other nail art - It does dry nails moderately fast and I have stamped over this within 30 minutes and it has been fine.

Doesn't 'drag' or 'smear' colors so it can be used over art - I disagree with this, I found it smudged nail art badly, even using the floating of the topcoat method. It works well over a standard polish.

L: Vibrant Vinyls | R: Glisten and Glow

No shrinkage - Yes I didn't find this to shrink on me, in the same way which Seche Vite did.

Doesn't dull holo's - This is true, I tried it over Tonic Polish Jinx and it didn't dull the holo.

Flat, semi-wide brush picks up the perfect amount and glides across the nail smoothly providing quick, even coverage - I liked the brush, covers the nail easily.

Also prevents yellowing, fading, & chipping of polish - It does stop polish from chipping and also doesn't yellow polish under it.

The scent I chose was black cherry bomb, which was nice. I found it to be quite strong once I first applied it, this faded over a period of 12 hours, through out showering, hand washing and using hand gel. By 24 hours the scent had disappeared.

Overall I think this topcoat is alright, not terrible but not amazing. I will use it because it does help polish to dry quicker than without it. The viscosity is somewhere between thin and thick, definitely thinner than a gel look topcoat. What I didn't like about this was how badly it smudged nail art, it didn't stop me from dinging my nails and I ended up with bedsheet imprints on them from doing my nails close to bedtime.

I doubt I would repurchase this topcoat as I do really like to do nail art.


2 February 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Black Cherry


Colour: Darkest Red
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded at Cuticle
How Much? 10ml

5 December 2016

Nail Polish Battle 2016: Black Polishes

For the past four years I have done nail polish battles, the idea is all of the new nail polishes I have gathered throughout the year battle against each other to see which is the best polish of the year. During 2016 I have 76 new polishes to battle with.

Firstly are the black nail polishes:

Barry M - Black Cherry // Barry M - Blackcurrant // Barry M - Black Grape // Kiko - Black // Essie - Licorice

While I do like all of these polishes, I have to opt between Kiko Black and Essie Licorice as they are both creme black polishes rather than another colour heavily blackened.

This was a hard battle but I chose Licorice because the brush is slightly better than the Kiko version, it is flat with a rounded cuticle. However both of them are one coaters.

23 March 2016

Nails: Yin Yang


Base Polish: Barry M - Black Cherry
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - White
Stamping Plate: MoYou - 94